Our Services

Zohar Relocation aims to transform your family’s relocation process into a smooth and collaborative experience, reducing uncertainty and ambiguity by ensuring you know what to expect in every stage of your first months of acclimating into your new environment.

We offer a one-stop-shop for all relocation-related requirements and interfaces, from preparation in your current location with subject matter experts (family counseling, preparing the kids for the move, tax and financial advisors) and through supporting and accompanying you in your destination.

We offer a few different  packages to make sure everyone can enjoy our services :

  1. Full packages  – when moving to NY/NJ area
  2. Distance package  – when moving to any state in the US
  3. School and Daycares  – when you only need help with these two
  4. Almost here  – need help with getting your house or apartment ready for your family?

Not sure which service is the best for you? Contact us and we will be happy to help!