The ultimate relocation checklist: What to do before moving to the USA

Relocating to a new country can be a daunting task, but with careful planning and organization and our support, the process can be much smoother. Here is a checklist of things to consider before moving to the USA:

  1. Visa and immigration requirements: Make sure you have the appropriate visa and immigration documents required to enter and stay in the United States legally.
  2. Research the local area: Familiarize yourself with the area where you will be living. Research the cost of living, transportation options, and local amenities.
  3. Find a place to live: Research neighborhoods and look for a place to rent or buy. Consider the cost of rent or mortgage, proximity to work or school, and accessibility to public transportation.
  4. Plan your finances: Set up a bank account and obtain a credit card. Determine if you need to transfer funds from your current bank account to your new account.
  5. Notify your bank and credit card companies: Let your bank and credit card companies know you will be moving to the United States, so they don’t freeze your accounts for suspicious activity.
  6. Healthcare: Research healthcare options in your new area and obtain medical insurance.
  7. Schooling: If you have children, research the school system and determine where they will attend school.
  8. Obtain a driver’s license: If you plan on driving, learn how to obtain a driver’s license in the state you will be living in.
  9. Moving your belongings: Determine whether you will bring your belongings with you or purchase new items once you arrive.
  10. Notify service providers: Cancel or transfer any service providers you currently use, such as utilities, internet, and phone service.
  11. Obtain necessary documentation: Gather all necessary documentation, including passports, birth certificates, and marriage certificates.
  12. Language and culture: Learn about the language and culture of the United States to help ease the transition.
  13. Notify your current employer: If you have a new job, notify your current employer of your plans to relocate and make arrangements to transfer or quit.
  14. Make travel arrangements: Book flights, hotels and arrange transportation to your new home.

Relocating to the United States requires careful planning and preparation. Use this checklist to help ensure a smooth transition.

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